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Locked Down Limited is one of the top security services available in and around Derbyshire and Cheshire. We aim to help clients keep their venues and premises safe and without disruption. With years of security services under our belts, we have successfully established our brand as a reliable, trustworthy provider in this niche. We are also proud of our repeat clients and their referrals, as we believe this to be a great vote of confidence in our ability to handle various situations. If you would like to make an enquiry regarding our services, you can reach us through our booking form.

Our Security Services

We offer a range of different services to ensure your premisis is safe from strangers and unwanted guests. We will keep a keen eye on every guest to ensure they follow your rules and regulations. In the case of large events, we ensure that order is maintained and any case of rowdiness is quickly suppressed to ensure the a smooth evening or day for all. We also work closely with you to gain an understanding of how you want your event to go and what your expectations are.

Our Security Team

We have a pool of specially trained personnel who have had years of experience in providing security services in different events and locations. Every member of our security team comes from different background and helps us to maintain a well-rounded skillset when it comes to the ways we provide our security services. Additionally, we also offer regular training for our staff in an effort to keep them physically and psychologically sharp.


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